Tag or File to Make Picard Ignore a Track / Album / Folder

I have a bunch of live shows and CDs from very small bands not in the database. is there any way to direct Picard to ignore these when scanning my collection? Picard scanning them causes bad matches and if I don’t catch it in the thousands of albums I have it causes huge issues moving stuff around.

I’ve looked all over and I’m guessing the answer is no, if so how do I put in a feature request? the perfect solution for me would just be dropping a file in the album folder like “.ignore” and Picard will skip it in the scan, but another solution would be an ID3 tag.


If you already know which albums/folders you do not want Picard to process, I would just put them in a separate directory (temporarily).

Please note that you should avoid processing huge batches of files at once without supervising the changes. I would at least recommend to make a backup of your files first or to work on a copy of them. In case you are not satisfied with the results you can always go back to the previous state of your files.

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remembering which and moving dozens of folders every time before running a Picard scan sounds cumbersome.

I have had to restore from backups several times because of this already so your second point is well taken.

In Options > Advanced one can set a regular expression to ignore certain file paths. This would work, but it requires you to set a regular expression and this might become a bit difficult to handle if you want to ignore a lot of paths. Unless you can come up with some kind of identifier inside file or folder names to ignore it.

Apart from this I currently don’t know a proper way to ignore certain files. But you can add a feature request on https://tickets.metabrainz.org/projects/PICARD/

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thanks for this, missed this option somehow. I’ll play around with it and see if I can’t make something work for my situation.

ticket also created for this in case others would like to upvote