Tag name on the wrong tag

I noticed that a specific comment tag is being writen on the comment tag itself.

Whenever when I save a file that I updated genre or whatever, the ‘chill out (songs db ocasion album’ is writen on the tag, its own name + chill out

How can I avoid this to happen?

I don’t fully understand the issue. Can you explain what exactly should be different?

This is a comment tag with description set to “Songs-DB_Ocasion”. These kinds of tags get usually written by MusicBee.


The thing is that on the Comment tag that appears con Traktor, should be only written CHILL OUT, as it is written of music brainz piccard:

Tag: Comment (Songs-DB_Ocassion_album) Original Value: Chill Out New Value Chill Out

But on traktor everything is written on the comment tag:

Chill Out (Songs DB Ocasion Album)

the problem is this (Songs DB Ocasion Album) on comment traktor tag

I’m not very familiar with Traktor, but it seems this is just the way it displays ID3 comments. In ID3 a comment gets written to a COMM frame and can have an additional description. In this case the description is “Songs-DB_Ocassion_album”. The Songs-DB* comment tags are used by MusicBee for custom data.

Picard handles that by internally naming the tag comment:description, so in this case the tag name is comment:Songs-DB_Ocassion_album with a value of “Chillout”.

Traktor seems to handle that differently and instead displays the description in parantheses behind the value.

If you don’t want this you could also save just a comment or comment: tag in Picard, which would result in a tag with empty description. Then I assume Traktor would just show the value. But the comment would also loose it’s special meaning given by the description.

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I mean, is a way possible to produce only Chill out, without the parenthesis content?

I removed it by unnistaling last fm plugin ;))

Glad that this fixed the issue for you. This usage of arbitrary tags had been one of the reasons why the last.fm plus plugin had been removed from the official list of plugins.

For genres I’d recommend you try the built-in genre support using data from MusicBrainz or if that does not work for you or you really want to use last.fm data use the last.fm plugin from the official plugins list.