Sync Liked Songs in Spotify with Loved Songs in LB

Not sure how this should be approached, either an internal function of LB (similar to importing listening history) or if it should be done via a third-party script.

I have already tracked my “loved” tracks in Spotify (although keep mind that I think this still tops out at 10,000 items max) so to have them be synced over to LB would be neat-o




importing from barely works… MessyBrainz would have a tough time figuring that one out

I mean it’s probably doable… but it doesn’t mean it’ll work correctly most of the time

I’m also interested in this. Getting the full set of likes from Spotify for old listens sounds messy, but what about syncing the liked status for new listens imported through the “record listens” integration?

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Maybe each user should do their part and pair each MusicBrainz release to each streaming page.

The rest can be done by Messybrainz, I guess? I mean, it doesn’t sound so far fetched to me if we do that part manually.

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