Support for single track tagging


Picard is great for full albums but not for singles tracks that don’t have album tag in it
even if you set preferred release type to the max in setting it gives you incorrect album tag.
So it will be great if there are options in picard like “use current artist/title tags”, “only match album release types” (So it will query the albums for that songs by the artist, not compilations or soundtracks)


I recognize your problem and know that it can sometimes be frustrating!

Actually, the Scan button doesn’t use the tags you already have in the file at all. Have you tried using the Lookup button instead? It should only use your metadata, and might return the right release right away if it already has the right artist and album tagged. If there are multiple tracks in the single, you will want to use the Cluster button first and then perform a lookup on one of the resulting clusters.


well Lookup button works sometimes… but most of my untagged files doesn’t have album field
what i’m doing right now is using track.getInfo method in to get album field (by foobar script) ,well it works most of times but it gives wrong results also :confused:
It would be really nice have these options in picard.


Oh, that’s too bad. I have never adjusted the preferred release type sliders myself, so maybe someone else could give the specifics, but it seems to me that they should offer the options you need. If you’re scanning singles specifically, have you set the singles slider to max and also set the compilation slider to min? It seems reasonable to me that compilations shouldn’t show up at all if that’s the case, but I’m not sure if they do or not.

Of course, you will need to make sure that the single releases exist in MusicBrainz if you expect them to show up. If you’re using the scan functionality, the recordings attached to the single will also need to have fingerprints attached for them to show up.

I’m not sure how familiar with Picard you are, so please forgive me if I’m my description is too thorough (or too complex) :slight_smile:


Can you elaborate on this and maybe give an example? In theory increasing the album matching in “Preferred Releases” and lowering the matching for “Compilations” and other types you don’t want should just do what you want, unless there is absolutely no album matching. Also use “Lookup” instead of “Scan” first if you have at least partial tags available. Scan will use acoustic fingerprinting and will only give you results with matching fingerprints, which might or might not work well depending on the track analyzed.

Not sure what you expect “use current artist/title tags” to do, but using the “Lookup” button will perform the search using your existing tags. The “only match album release types” is already present in the form of the “Preferred Releaes” options. If this does not work well in some cases we can try to improve the weights applied.