Support for recommendations in Mopidy-Listenbrainz


In case you are a user of the extensible music server Mopidy and the Mopidy-Listenbrainz extension, I am excited to announce support for ListenBrainz playlists.

With current pull request, the extension exposes your “Weekly jams” and “Top discoveries of the year” playlists!

:person_tipping_hand: I’d be happy to have feedback. Let me know whether it works with your Mopidy setting.

Here it is :point_right: Support import of ListenBrainz playlists by orontee · Pull Request #1 · suaviloquence/mopidy-listenbrainz · GitHub


This is very cool! Thanks for hacking on this!

How do you resolved tracks to the local collection? I’ve built some tools for this in Troi, so I am wondering if you’re using Troi?

Also, once this is merge, please consider sending a PR to add a link here:

Adding Data - ListenBrainz