Summit 18 summary document

In the olden days the summits used to be summarized. Is that going to happen since it not very practical to sit through these videos to find out what what discussed, in fact I don’t think I ever understood what went on at the last one.

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The live stream is not intended as a replacement for a summary (document). That said, no one said they were going to write a summary of the collective (or, AFAIK, project-specific) parts of the summit. @reosarevok talked about it briefly, but I’m not sure he actually wrote anything down or if he talked to anyone else about this.

They are available, though, in their entirety even (at least all that happened in the main room which was all the common talk + most MB related side-talks). It’s just it’s as videos. The videos should be more clear than last year, since when something was projected on the wall it was most of the times super-imposed on the video stream.

On the other hand, it’s true that while having scanned booklets is nice, it’s also nice to have written-down metadata, and that’s also the same with the videos vs. a summary. There were minutes being taken at the start of the summit, but eventually nobody remembered to keep writing them - we can ask people to fill in their parts a bit, and hopefully most of them will have the time to do so and we’ll eventually have a nicer summary than that half-done one.

EDIT: I’ve filled in some stuff about the MusicBrainz parts, will pester others to do the same, and let’s see what we get :slight_smile:


Thanks for understanding the issue and making an effort to do something about it.

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