Sultan Dark stylus theme for MusicBrainz

I’m creating a new Dark theme for Stylus

It’s a work in progress, started yesterday.
Feel free to report any problems, possible improvements, forgotten parts, hints tips etc.

It’s a somewhat lower contrast dark theme.



Hopefully I’m not jumping the gun, I added it to the userscripts wiki page - there are some other MB dark themes you can take inspiration from there as well!


Great, thanks!
I will continuously improve it while using the site.

Always happy to implement request, for instance for certain scripts etc.


Just did an important update: I made it possible to adjust the colour scheme to your own flavour.

This makes it easy if you like to use the colour scheme, but a specific colour doesn’t suit your taste. Or simply to adjust the complete colour scheme at will.

Now a ‘settings’ symbol appear next to the name of the Stylus theme. If you click it you get the list of colours to adjust.


Some more tuning to the dark mode:
-Less saturation for linked text, as it was a bit too intense
-Header menu now also dark
-Icons adjusted to fit a dark background (yea!)
-some minor fixes here and there…

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