Suggestions for Classical Music File Names and Directories

I’m getting ready to re-tag and file my collection of classical music albums, and I’m looking for suggestions as to directory structure and file naming. I’m currently thinking that I want to keep all album tracks together and show the composer in the file name, but that’s not cast in stone. What sort of structure and file names do other people use? What works for you, and what should I absolutely avoid?

I don’t want to have to go through this a second (third?) time, so I’m looking for current “best practices” before I finalize my renaming script for Picard.

Thanks in advance.

I use “Composer names; album”. You may be interested in the following plugin which is under development -
A new version will be uploaded shortly which has some extra bits and is hopefully fairly stable. As you can see from the readme, among many other things, it creates an album name in the format described above, which could also be used by a script for file naming.