Suggestion, be interviewed for Floss Weekly

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Floss weekly is a weekly podcast available at interviewing open source projects.
To get on the list we will need someone such as @rob to email directly and introduce themselves.
there is a [spreadsheet of upcoming guests] ( containing the schedule for the next few weeks.


Thanks for pointing them out to us. :slight_smile: I’ll reach out to them and introduce myself/our project(s), though I’ll probably not take the interview until after September.


This is an excellent suggestion! Thanks.


Sitting in the MetaBrainz office now, I just reached out to them again. Let’s see what happens!


By the way, I am being interviewed at the show tomorrow, so be sure to check in at 17:30 UTC: (let me know if you have any questions you would like me to answer, and I can forward them to the hosts and they might be able to ask me live - if not, I’ll answer any remaining questions afterwards :slight_smile: )


~20 minutes to go. Come join! :slight_smile: (Half the MetaBrainz services are going to be down on/off anyway, so it’s not like you have anything better to do. :wink: )


Alright, interview has come and gone. For those that missed it live (or just want to watch it again), it can be seen here:


GREAT JOB! thanks Freso, I learnt quite a bit too!! :muscle:

edit: Just listening to the last part, hope the FLOSS viewers/listeners understand that anyone can use the data without paying! But it’s courteous to help out with donations/support… and they’re not allowed to overload the MB servers. Right?


Most heavy users of our data have local copies of the database (or maybe even the site/web service), so they don’t actually hit our servers directly. Last I checked we didn’t have any data users who had any “special access” to load our servers more than other people.