"Submit votes & edit notes" button at top of edits page

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Same as https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-5987.

(Please, ignore it, thanks)

Hello everyone.

I’m subscribed to many artists, and, when I’m gonna vote/review changes, I have to scroll down on page to submit (maybe just one or two edits at the beggining).

On desktop it’s quite not an issue, but when remote, it’s more painfull and could lead me to some errors (like changing a vote) while I’m scrolling it.

As we have the page navigation buttons, I think we could have the submit button.

Could it be a request that worth?



You can navigate to the individual edit pages and case your votes/leave your notes there. That way you won’t have to scroll up or down to submit anything.

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The other end is…
If you are using a touch screen device, adding more touchable buttons just adds to the possibility of an accidental click.

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Opening one by one seems worst than scrolling.

If we are just saying about the example I’ve used, it’s totally acceptable, 1 or 2, but thinking about five, could it be quite easily to roll to the top.

I believe I haven’t really made a mistake doing it, yet.

But rolling page, I could do that without noticing.

Clicking on a submit accidentally, the page will post so, I’ll be aware of it.

Thank you both.

There are three other suggestions about that issue: MBS-3667, MBS-3918, MBS-5987.


Sorry, I should search it (I thought that it could be showed while I was proposing, but it wasn’t).

Thank you all.

Sorry again.