Submit AcoustIDs Grayed out

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Greetings. I’m an independent artist, my song has been released to all major music platform since June 18th 2021. When I scan I got the “no matching tracks for file” message, which I assumed means that I can submit an Id, however the Submit AcousticID’s still greyed out.

How can I submit my original composition for Acoustinc Fingerprinting using MusicBrainz Picard? Here you will find a [link](https:// prooving that the track is currently active on the music platforms.

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This guide should help:
Submitting Acoustic Fingerprints — MusicBrainz Picard v2.6.3 documentation


It might not be apparent in the guide that you need to add your release to the MusicBrainz database first.

If you plug the album/single Spotify URL into the atisket importer it will speed things up (link).

If the artists don’t exist in the database you will be asked to add them as you add the release.