Style questions for labels where distributor (doesn’t) exist with same name

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I’ve started entering all relationship data for some releases with cover art from my collection lately. I often have some issues where labels and distributors are named the same.

  • Sometimes they are split up / separated and sometimes not (due to be separated at discogs too?).
  • Some got merged in the past.
  • There seems a lot of cleanup necessary for some labels/distributors.

At the moment it is difficult to find the right one for all these mixed labels / distributors (take a look at the “Relationships” tab).

Also I couldn’t find any documentation or style-guide how to create and handle those correctly.

So some howto / documentation / style guide discussions are welcome :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be easier when the search dialog would be restricted to show only labels of type “Distributor”?

Or don’t separate them at all? As we easily could take a look on relationship tab for a label and see all kind of relationships associated (additional filtering would be nice; as for recordings available)?

Examples: Try to find the correct distributor only from label search (or better in the release relationship editor) for this cover art…

So did I:

Hope correct so far?