Style of dialogue on split tracks

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Hey, I’m having a difference of opinion regarding a style guideline with a more senior musicbrainz member.

Essentially, I disagree that the current style guidelines permit a “[dialogue] / <artist>” type split artist field.

The edit and argument in question is The arguments are all there, it’d be great to get some input, either why
a) my argument/interpretation is incorrect, therefore the edit is incorrect
b) my argument and the edit is correct
c) my argument is correct, but the edit is incorrect, because the style guidelines should be updated to reflect consensus


As said in the edit notes: they’re guidelines, not law. «Nothing is true; everything is permitted.» There are multiple guidelines in play here, but I think some of the edit notes sum them up quite well. Maybe [dialogue] SPA guidelines needs updating, maybe they’re fine the way they are. If you think they need updating, you can propose an update.