Style guidelines help requested

Hi guys-

I received a note on edit:
asking/commenting about releases where there is a host/presenter/etc. I added some explanation the best I could, but I would prefer that my explanation either be explained better or corrected if needed. I have added tons of these types of releases, so I understand it can be a bit confusing and can easily relate to what the editor is saying.

I am ut looking for the editor to have it explained properly so it is fully understood, and maybe create (if not already there) a guideline to follow for such things, specifically. I myself appreciate a solid explanation, so I am just trying to provide that to other editors, as I would like that done for me.

If wated, I can go through and find some of the ones I added like this where this stuff was discussed, it has been a while and I will have time to do such things later should it be needed.

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