Style guidance on classical works required


I’ve read the style guidance, but am not sure about when it is advisable to split a work into smaller parts. For example, this one: has 52 parts. I would have thought it a good idea to create an intermediate level of the three Acts. Is that right? If so, what is the best way of editing to achieve this?


Creating the acts would be good, but there’s no better way (unless @loujin has some magic for that) than just editing every work-work part of relationship, which is a pain.


Agreed. I’ve added a few operas the way you describe (an aria is part of an act, which is part of an opera), and while it reflects the structure of the opera, it’s a pain to enter by hand. Unfortunately, I don’t have any software to split up by acts this way.


I created the new intermediate work levels (1 for each Act). Then I wasn’t sure whether to edit the existing link or to add the new one and delete the old. I opted for the latter approach - hope that was right - so the deletions are now votable. Some way of bulk editing would be nice - it was a bit of a pain editing 52 works in one go.


If you can find a release with all the works linked (presumably fairly easy, though I didn’t try), you can use the relationship editor. Being able to add the “part of” relationship to 10 things at a time, and quickly delete the old one by hitting “x”, will make it a lot quicker.


@reosarevok: no magic script at the moment (except the ‘batch-rename subworks’ that helps fixing basic typos on all subworks). If someone has a precise idea on where a userscript will help I’m ready to write it.

When I cleaned Wagner’s operas I used the relationship editor a lot to apply all changes at once. Being an autoeditor helped a lot too :slight_smile: