[STYLE-782] Remove dates from label founder relationships

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Hi! I just noticed that we do this (STYLE-782), and wanted to check if anyone has any good reason why we should keep doing it.

As far as I can tell that’s always going to be a duplicate of the label’s founding date, but am I missing some edge cases where that’s not the case?


I am happy to look at artists kind of biography at their relationships tab, with dates when they did what.


While it is redundant, I think it best to keep the date in the relationship. I’m sure there’s some edge case where founders joined at different dates.


Is it possible to pre-fill the start date of the founder with the group’s start date when the editor creates the relationship?


I guess it could be possible for a couple of guys to get together and “found” a label in December, but the actual paperwork etc. for it not get completed until sometime the following year, meaning that the founders of it started with the label before the label actually really existed.


This doesn’t seem to be the intended use, at least now, since the guidelines say “The start date should be used to indicate the date the label was founded. The end date should be the same as the start date.”


“Founded” can have different meanings, no? I can sit with my flatmate right now and found a label, but if you ask the government when it was founded, they’ll say June 2017 as that’s when we’ll have the paperwork done. Or maybe not until next year if we need to raise capital for it. That means it was both founded today (informally), but officially (formally) not founded until some time from now. The relationship text doesn’t give further clarification as to what it means by “founded”.


Thread necromancy! Thought I’d look at this one again.

I don’t see why we would give a different definition to “founded” in the artist-label definition than “founded” in the label start date. I’d expect both should be either “whenever the label was officially started”, or “whenever the founders considered the label started”, whichever we prefer.

For comparison, the artist relationship does not support dates - the founding date is assumed to be the start date for the artist. I’d expect those two to be done consistently.


Not currently, at least.