STYLE-235: Mini-album RG type poll

It was already said earlier that we go by whatever the artist/label calls it.


If that is the criteria, then my one of records - Graham Parker and the Rumour, The Pink Panther ( ) has the incorrect Release Group Type of EP. This is because there is no mention or description of it as an EP and therefore it is not. The artwork is available at discogs to review.


  • It has 4 tracks, (from 2 albums)
  • It’s physical medium is a 45 rpm disc.

and to me, it is an EP. I think many would agree with me. The current release group type of EP confirms that. I do not agree with the idea of leaving it to the record company as it doesn’t work.

A single is 1 track. There’s the complexity of a single originally being released on one side of a 7 inch disc with the second track included as the B side, so in that case, the release group and type are both ‘single’. For most people the single is the A side. It’s release digitally, the second track does not exist and its simpler.

An EP is a release with more than 2 tracks, and less than X tracks.

An album has X or more tracks

But what is the value of X? Glancing through my LPs I see they seem to have have 8 or more.

But, what about mini albums? Are they just a new name for EPs that don’t come on a 45 rpm disc?

That’s not really how this works. Besides, I found the artist’s official website to claim that it is an EP:

a hit EP, “The Pink Parker,” released on pink vinyl.

Do you think the artist is mistaken?


Well it’s interesting that there is a website and that it says it is an EP, but what happens when there is no website?

To me, I look at the physical 7 inch disk with 4 tracks and I know its an EP and not an album.

I just want to reiterate that MusicBrainz defines how this works:

The Style Leader can then clarify the guidelines if he/she refuses to change them. The Style Leader(s) have done so multiple times to indicate that as of now, before the closing of this poll, (Japanese) mini albums are considered EPs in MusicBrainz:

If you can’t figure out if something is an album, mini album, or EP, because you can’t find a good source put out by the artist or label, then you can always leave the primary type blank.

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Mini album is not new, I’ve heard it long before I’ve heard of EP.

Don’t worry, about difficult to determine if it’s ep or mini album.

All the mini album provided examples are clearly defined as mini albums on OHP and even on packaging itself, most of the time (hype stickers, obi).

You will be using the same types as usual in other cases of in your field of editing.


Our experience is different. EPs came out before I was born and I suspect you as well. :grinning:

I found the wikipedia articles on EPs informative. Extended play - Wikipedia

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Yes, it’s exactly what I meant by:

EP has maybe been an English-centric name from the start.

So it was more pregnant in English speaking countries while mini-album worked in many languages.

You are probably from an English speaking country.

Then, with the usual English influence, it spread in other countries, as well.
But in my field of music (born and living in France since 1977, mostly listening to pop rock but in fact everything), it’s relatively newer and still unusual for me.

I have no EP in my collection but I have had a few mini-albums.


Counterpoint: Mike Oldfield’s “Amarok” – one track, 60 minutes long. Clearly an “album”.


And talking about X, when they changed name to X JAPAN and change bassist, they released a 29 minute 1 track mini album: ART OF LIFE.

See an official page calls it a mini album (ミニ・アルバム).


Agreed, running time and track number alone are not a definitive indicator for EP. Not even for the same artist.

An album, 2 tracks, total duration of 56:30:

But this is an EP, 5 tracks, total running time of 1:08:18:


yeah, typically I only use Album and Single for these reasons. the only time I use EP is when it’s listed as such, whether by the artist, in the release title, or on Spotify or what-have-you.

I do think a new release group type could be beneficial though, as I have also come across a few Mini-albums myself~


Yes, the wikipedia article on EPs (and the linked one on singles, have examples of ‘singles’ on 45 rpm 7 inch disks and on 12 inch 33rpm disks. The number of tracks or physical medium are irrelevant. I have concluded that IMHO the rg type is a business / marketing grouping and that its not possible to define a criteria for it.

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Totally, it’s like when an artist says these are twin albums, this is a concept album, this is an EP, this is a mini album…

Still it’s an interesting category, IMO.

My initial request was to have a mini checkbox added to the album primary type.
But I think I remember it was not technically possible, because it would be done with secondary types, and secondary types are shared with all primary types, cannot restrict to album.

So we have to have a primary type, it’s why maybe some people are reluctant…

But with the examples we gathered, I’m sure we could still have more mini albums than some other rare things we already have, like the 14 Longboxes or the 12 clamshell cases I saw in the statistics.
Not sure this above statement is a good reason.


After reading the wikipedia articles in EP and single, I’ve changed my mind. It’s impossible to characterise.


@jesus2099: Astonishing, for someone living in France, where the EP (called there “super 45 tours”) was the major format used from the early 50s to the mid 70s ;), way before the albums and before the singles (which were mere promotional outcouplings for jukeboxes only).

We should probably have a specific definition for vinyls, where the characteristics are pretty clear ( 7 inch; 45 rpm, more than 2 tracks) and one for later media


Thanks for the history!

I never heard super 45 tours but yes, I do know maxi 45 tours, completely.

It’s because of my age, because super 45 tours, they say, was used between 1950 and 1970.
And maxi 45 tours was used since my birth year 1977. :wink:

Notice their release group type list:

  • LP (our album)
  • Mini album: STYLE-235
  • EP (our EP)
  • Maxi single in 45 RPM or 33 RPM: STYLE-236
  • They didn’t mention Single


A nice definition of “EP or Single”


The difference between an EP and a single is that a single has one good track and one throwaway track on it. An EP has three good tracks and is meant to be listened to as a whole.


Ah ah, but I have heard many good B-sides, though, I would not say less than good A-sides. :grin:


Yes - those hidden gems that sometimes go bigger than the A side. Though would still neatly fit that quote as you still listen to just the one track.

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