[STYLE-192] Expand "conductor" relationship to add vocals and instruments

I first proposed https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/STYLE-192 back in 2013, but I just recently ran into an instance while editing where this relationship would be needed (different conductors for 2 different instrument groups). Now that the old RFC system has been abolished, this is the best hope it has of passing (or just getting some eyes on it).


Is this expected to be used at all times, or just when specifically credited and when trying to differentiate two conductors? That is, would we want every choir conductor relationship to be “conducted choir vocals”, or just in a case where there’s someone credited for conducting strings and someone for the choir?

I’d probably expect to enter it as-credited. So if the release says “choir conductor”, I’d added “conducted choir vocals [choir]”, but if it just says “conductor” I’d just add it as “conducted”. Just my 5¢.


This is mostly what I envisioned, although I was under the impression that “chorus master” was the equivalent of a choir conductor.

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Not exactly, from my point of view. Let’s take the example of Wilhelm Pitz who prepared the Bayreuth Festival chorus “behind the scenes” during more than 2 decades while very rarely being credited as conductor but numerous times as chorus master for famous releases like Klemperer’s Beethoven “Chorus” Symphony with the London Philharmonia Orchestra where he obviously did not act as a conductor.

[PICARD-1985] bug report is connected to this issue.