[STYLE-1205/6] Award ceremonies as events

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I’ve mulled this over for a while, but I think it might be a good idea to add “Award ceremony” to the list of event types (if only for the sake of releases like this one) as well as a series type to list them. What does MB think about this?

(This thread encompasses two tickets: one for events, and one for series.)


I am not sure what my position is on this, it could be handled with an AC on the place relationship “Shrine Auditorium (1985 Grammy Awards)”. Since these are from “events/performances” maybe instead of a “place relationship” it should be a “event relationship” with an AC like “Shrine Auditorium (1985 Grammy Awards)”. Hope that make since.

Not sure why we need to use AC, since we can link a recording to both its event and place of recording.

You both are missing the point. The tickets I posted above are to add new event and series types for awards ceremonies. I have no idea where artist credits would come into play.


I support your proposals. I’m working on a list of award ceremonies so they will be very useful.


Its not that I missed the point as I had read through the tickets and the prior discussion, I did not understand what an “event” was until I just now went through the documentation and started looking at other events. A new world of documenting has been opened to me, thanks.

Yes I agree, now I need to figure out how to vote on it and a couple of others.

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Do you have a JIRA account? You need it to create, comment or vote on tickets.