[STYLE-112] Should production music be its own RG type?

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So: I know nothing about production music (like, basically I just know it exists), but STYLE-112 asks for it to have its own release group type.

I see a lot of production music is now just set to “Other”. Can people who know something about this discuss whether it should be its own secondary type, and if so, should it be “Other + Production Music”, or “Album + Production Music”, or should it actually be a primary type instead, like Broadcast?

That’s not a very detailed style request, is it? :smile:

I don’t know much about production music either, but why shouldn’t this be a genre? If it’s released in an album format or an EP format or whatever, then that’s what it is.


Release type + secondary type would be the correct decision. There are a few early production releases on 78 rpm on KPM, for example, that wouldn’t be classified as an album. I don’t think “other” should be used at all for these kind of releases.

Cannot name myself an expert in production music, but i made quite a lot of edits in mb for it and plan to work further, so…

From one side i think it should be somehow separated from “usual”, not production music, but from the other side i cannot think for now how to better do it.

If we are speaking about primary type, then there is quite a common case when prod. music released as an “album” and generally the only difference between such public album and industry (non public) album that the public one doesnt contain track variations like (no choir), (no orchestra), (drums only) etc.

And if we are speaking about secondary type, then there could be a “compliation” albums, made from production tracks; also i know most of production music i listen could be classified as “soundtrack” since its music mostly for trailers (but i suppose there could a lot of other one lie music for TV, show and other media).