Stupid Setlist Tricks


So I just added a setlist to the upcoming event:

Two of the timeslots are named performances/subevents that I don’t have an artist name for.
School of Rock” is an actual school – some of the students will presumably be performing–whether as one band or multiple, I don’t know.
PLAY is a DJ night that happens regularly at that venue, so it’s being billed as part of the festival for this instance.

Two topics for discussion:
How I could have done this differently/better with the tools Musicbrainz currently provides.
How/if Musicbrainz could improve to handle weird cases like this. (subtopic: the ability to provide links to the above facebooks in the event listing somewhere, perhaps in the setlist itself)


I have no real knowledge of “events” on MB. I’ve not branched into those yet.
But I can tell you this much — School of Rock is not “a school”, it is a franchise (no different than McDonald’s). There are schools all across the country that have that name, all owned and operated by different people (I am one of them).

So, for any future responders, please keep that in mind. It is not one school, or one company running multiple schools. They are all individual businesses.


So, if someone were to create a Musicbrainz entity for the “school of rock” in this event, they should probably call it “Pittsburgh School of Rock”?


Actually, it’s quite possible that this Pittsburgh-area school isn’t even a franchisee. I notice that the facebook doesn’t use the “School of Rock” name.


I would think School of Rock (Pittsburgh) more than Pittsburgh School of Rock, that way any and all future School of Rock entries appear in an aphabetical/grouped manner (SoR Pitts, SoR Philly, SoR Hollywood, etc). But that doesn’t work either because there are multiple schools in some cities.
And now you think that it is not part of the franchise, which raises an entirely different situation.


Not entirely sure what’s the plan here, but if you do create an entity for (this) School of Rock, you would typically enter whatever they’re credited as as artist name and then enter whatever is necessary to distinguish them from other entities as a disambiguation comment.


We haven’t even gotten to the question of what kind of entity it would be. I’m not at all sure “artist” is the right thing.

(“Plan”? What’s that? I don’t know this word “plan”.)


I would just add them as an artist for now.
It’s not always possible to credit things perfectly if you only have imperfect information, and in this case they are being treated as their own entity on the poster/ gig details.

Whether you then want to spend your time deciding exactly what kind of school/company they are is up to you :slight_smile:

EDIT: If you’re not comfortable with that, just leave it as free text. The PLAY situation I think is going to have to stay that way.
And by the way, I believe setlists are very rudimentary at the moment, I’m sure they’ll be updated eventually™


School of Rock is actually a chain of music schools that operates in multiple locales. I’ve added multiple artists representing the students from said schools in different locations (San Antonio, Texas; Joliet, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin).