Studios that change hands - new or no?


This is semi-related to a thread I started last year.
While I was digging through entities to add info to a release, I ran across a recording studio that closed at the end of last year and appears to have reopened under a new name. Should I rename the current Place entity for said studio or make a new entity, since the studio appears to have changed hands?


If it changed hands, it could very well be a different company (legal entity) in which case I suggest creating a new entity.


Agreed. New name. New owners.
New listing.


I agree with the others on making a new entity, esp. since it actually had some “down time” in between (which means that the studio may have had all kinds of changes besides just ownership/management).

And as always, they can be merged later if one day we find out we didn’t want to create two studios but rather have one continuous one.