Stuck with lists of green music notes

Hey guys,

I am new to this but have already read all the newby stuff plus anything that didn’t end in a dead link about how to get rid of these green music notes.

Short story is…

Gained a list of random MP3s,
Loaded them up into picard. Scan/Lookup (usually have auto scan turned on),
It fetches the list and I can see the good and bad matches and all is well.
Save the good ones so that I may have my organised library.
Happy days.

I however am usually left with a TON of identified music which is left with a green music note assigned to it. I have read what this means but nowhere can I read what I am supposed to do with it when it is left in this state.

Basically how do I get rid of the dam green music note?

Thanks in advance.

The green music note means, it is a track on the release but without a file attached. So if you e.g. only have a single file from an album with 10 tracks, you could end up with 1 matched track (colored rectangle) and 9 music notes. As long as you don’t have the missing files you can’t do anything about this, just save the 1 file you actually have.

Now the situation can be a bit trickier: E.g. that one song from the album you have is actually not from that album but from a compilation you own, or another version of the same album. But for some reason Picard loaded the album, where the exact same track appears on. In that case you have probably also the compilation already in Picard, or you have to look for it on Musicrainz. Once you have loaded the correct release you can drag and drop the mismatched file to the correct release.


Thanks for the reply.

There’s no way that I’m looking up 12k songs one by one to add them. Oh well.

I guess there is no way to force the program to look up songs on a ‘single’ rather than an album search?

Thanks again.

On a single track basis is the default, and it might be part of why you have so many files assigned to albums on their own. If you do a cluster first it works on a album basis.

The green music notes aren’t a problem in themselves - they aren’t necessarily files you have - you’re either missing some files or they’ve been assigned to a different release (e.g. compilation, other version of the album). If the list of MP3s you have is completely random then you wouldn’t expect them to reform into complete albums, but Picard will always display them on the right side as part of a release. If you don’t want the album name saving you could always delete that… Not sure if that’s helping because I’m not sure exactly what you’ve got and what you want.