Strings “label” and “title”: where are they?

The translatable file for Picard on Transifex contains two strings I can’t place:

  • title (occurring in picard/ui/options/ and picard/util/
  • label (occurring in picard/ui/options/ and picard/ui/options/

I can’t find them in those locations. Are these supposed to be translatable strings at all or something internal?

No, those are internal. Looks like it is an issue with the text extraction, those actually should not show up in the pot file.


Thank you, I have just copied the source into the translation and added a comment to those strings. Would it cause any problems in Picard if they are translated differently?

No, their translation value is actually unused. It’s just the text extraction getting this wrong. So leave it empty or copy the source, doesn’t matter :slight_smile: We’ll come up with a fix, then they will be gone.

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