Streaming-only release + group name change... what do?


A couple of months ago the band Extra Texture released a streaming-only single on Soundcloud. I imported the single into MB some time after that.

Just over a week ago (July 12) the band changed their name to The Dives and all of their social media URLs changed along with it. The original single is still up (albeit under the new account name, with the same timestamp) but the group’s name and the cover art have changed. Should I create a new release or just edit the old one?


Definitely create a new one.


But it should use the same recording


Done and done (same release group, same recording, new release).


Nice one! The only change I would make is to change the release date to when they ‘edited’ the release.
As that release didn’t exist in that format any earlier (with those credits and that cover)


Done and doner.