Store publishing label of a compilation series

Just for experimentation, I wanna store “Kompakt” as a tag in my Pop Ambient files, derived from the series relationship.

Mostly to see if I can use it in Quod Libet. Truth be told, I’m not gonna use it, Quod Libet’s MPD remote doesn’t work :laughing: It’d be nice to document for the next person that comes though.

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You can’t in Picard currently, as it does not query the series data. We have some tickets for this, see and related, but it’s not very concrete what is being expected here or how this would work with an arbitrary number of series each RG, release, recording and artist can be part of.

For your use case a plugin would be able to do this, but it would require some additional web service requests to fetch the necessary details of the series and its relationships.


I see! Thank you. I had come to a similar conclusion but I wasn’t sure.