Stop button needed (unable to save file changes when playing or paused)

When playing a file using the built-in player, MBP is unable to save any queued changes to the file. While this makes sense, the only other playback control is “Pause”, which doesn’t release the player’s lock on the file; paused files can’t be saved any more than actively playing ones can.

Currently, the only way to release MBP’s lock is either to allow the playback to reach the end of the file, or to play a different file. Obviously, neither of these solutions are optimal. What MBP needs is a simple “Stop” button, to both cease playback of the file, and to release the lock on it so it can be saved.

Thanks for a freakin’ AWESOME product!!


I’ve taken the liberty of creating a ticket for this.


Thanks both of you, for reporting and ticket creation. Regarding the issue I would like to avoid an additional button, that’s really a not so nice workaround. Telling the user to stop playback before saving is not much better. Ideally the user does not need to worry about this and Picard handles that. Maybe we can stop playback automatically for that file, and maybe even resume it once saving has finished.


Great idea! Automation is always a nice option.

I am not sure I will be making use of this new player feature, but I do feel the need to ventilate that any musicplayer without a proper stop button irritates me pretty much every single time.

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It is pretty common for this kind of hiccup. Usually it is because the track is playing in an external player. Worth adding that thought in mind when looking at this issue.

Like Hiccup, I’d rather see a proper STOP button. I like the idea of this little feature. I generally don’t like it when a product creeps away from core needs, but I’ve had other times I wanted to quick check a track without digging out VLC because that was busy on something else.

Also, I am not sure what output options the player has, but if you are using wasapi exclusive mode for your audio, just pausing playback will probably not release the audio channel making it available for other software to use.

Hello RdSwift,
Any update on this topic?
It is out of one’s control when a system hangs or lose power and reset, Picard does not know where it left-off so it can resume, and every progress is lost; in my case, I had my library (5700 track) and it was ~70% after 29 hrs., and I got the green screen in Windows 10, then I had to start over… So you can see the frustration one can experience if the tool does not have the option to resume.
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I think you’re asking for a different feature/fix. I do have a working prototype for that, but still needs some work (mainly on memory consumption) and proper testing. :slight_smile: