"sticker on the shrinkwrap", sticker on front coverart = another release? (Debussy)

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Got CA without the sticker at

MB has sticker on its release CA.

Different releases?


If you actually had that non-stickered release, I’d say yes—unless of course your non-sticker release is just from peeling off the sticker.

Also note the different disc: https://www.discogs.com/Arthur-Rubinstein-Music-Of-France/release/9945182#images/27437132 vs. https://coverartarchive.org/release/a4dc5cf5-1db1-460e-81db-c8b6e549d2bc/16687791233.png (though maybe that is different lighting, seems pretty far off, but reflective surfaces like discs scan terribly)

So to the extent you trust the data on Discogs, that’s a different release.


I’ll take the coward’s way out and put the discogs link in the MB annotation.