Stats: Some tracks counted as multiple listens of a single recording rather than single listens of multiple recordings

For example, releases comprised of “[untitled]” titled tracks can be counted by LB’s stats as multiple listens of a single “[untitled]” recording, rather than single listens of each “[untitled]” recording. This isn’t however limited to listens of the same name.

Looking at this page of my listen history, you can see a subset of the 30 listens that LB thinks I’ve given to a single “[untitled]” recording. If you navigate a page forwards in my linked listen history you can inspect the rest of the 30 listens (split across two releases).

The recording to which the “[untitled]” track I’ve supposedly listened to 30 times links to is of a recording on a release that I’ve not submitted to LB. Why this is the case, I’m not sure; my submissions each contain track and recording MBIDs etc, including these “[untitled]” listens, so I can’t see why there’d be any ambiguity on LB’s part as to what’s what.

As you can see on the All time tab of my Stats page, there are other top tracks (a few of which are titled “[untitled]”) that I know for a fact shouldn’t be counted as multiple listens of a single recording. This is only evident to me because I’ve specifically endeavoured to only submit listens once per release. Naturally, there are some double-listen errors on my part, but they are minimal, and of course some releases contain the same recording found on other releases, but I can say with high confidence that the top 5-7 top tracks are DB errors of some kind.

Out of the top ~7 top tracks, “Exiles” and “Blue” are multiple listens of recordings that I’ve not actually listened to, and my listen history for each of their releases is displayed as expected (so no listens to manually re-map).

  • “Exiles” is likely counted as 19 listens because of the 19 tracks titled “Exiles” (each with some unique ETI in parentheses) on the release it should link to (via cover art). The submitted listens can be seen in my listen history.

  • “Blue” is likely counted as 7 listens because of the 8 tracks on the release it should link to. I haven’t listened to any other releases or recordings by this artist so it’s unclear why 1 listen isn’t grouped as another listen of “Blue” (a song which doesn’t actually appear on the release or my listen history for the release).

  • The top “[untitled]” track title listened to 30 times also links incorrectly to a recording I’ve not listened to. The other visible “[untitled]” track titles appear to be correctly linked.

It’s possible that the things I’m mentioning are symptoms of a few different problems overlapping. All I can really say is that something’s wrong here and I don’t believe it’s an issue with my submissions. With songs adequately tagged with MBIDs, it’s strange to me that this is occurring. What gives?