Standardized and/or translated artists, what's the expected behaviour?

#1 suggests to modify the behaviour when the option Use standardized artist names is enabled.
But while i was looking at the code, i noticed that this option is just ignored if Translate artist names to this locale … is set to a language and the artist’s name has an alias matching it.

It can be tested using and the following options.

With both options disabled, artist’s name is set to A Cappella Men’s Choir
With both options enabled, it is set to [desconegut] (catalan translation of [unknown])
With translated enabled, standardize disabled, it is set to [desconegut]
WIth translated disabled, standardize enabled, it is set to [unknown]

That’s the current behaviour with Picard 2.0 beta (current master).

Do you think it should be modified, and, if yes, how ?


I think the current situation makes a lot of sense. The ticket in question seems more like an edge case and an exception to me. Perhaps it can be added as an extra option, but that could make this settings dialogue very confusing.


I agree with @mfmeulenbelt. It might be better for this sort of “edge case” to be addressed using a plugin.