Standard set of tags

Hi there!

I often add the same tags to my music. These are “artist”, “title”, and “genre”.

My music files often do not contain the genre tag at all. So what I have to do is:
Right click in the window

Add tag… > type “genre” > select the “genre” > enter the genre > hit save
for every song.

It would be nice if we could get a default set of tags, that are always visible in the bottom bar. Ideally this set would be configurable through the settings.


To always make sure that you have a genre tag, you might try adding a tagger script (not in your file naming script) something like:

$set(genre,$if2(%genre%,Your Default Value Here))

Note that you have to have the Use genres from MusicBrainz setting enabled for this to work properly.

This will create a genre tag if it doesn’t already exist in the metadata, populating an empty tag with the default value you specify.

If you are manually adding Artist and Title then I suspect that you are using Picard entirely wrong.

I suggest that you concentrate on ensuring that you are using Picard correctly for these and other standard tags before you consider genre (which is the most subjective and difficult tag to get right).

Thank you for your reply @rdswift. Running a tagger script kinda works for me. A pinned tag field would still be better.

I am a DJ playing many bootlegs and records that are not cataloged in any music databases. Using Picards lookup or scan functionality does not work for me. I am managing my tags manually.