Standalone recordings?

Why does musicbrainz keep putting Standalone recording on tracks instead of putting the proper album. In my case, I’v brought in about 1000 files to get tagged, many of which had the proper album listed only for musicbrainz to put practically all of them to standalone recordings? I’m not super versed with this program and I’m just not understanding if its filling out the other pertinent info, why it keeps putting standalone recording, even overwriting existing data that was correct.

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I’m assuming that you’re using the “Scan” function to match your files to MusicBrainz entries?

If your files already have some meaningful metadata (tags) I suggest that you use clustering and lookup instead. See the Work Flow Recommendations section of the Picard User Guide for more information in general, and the When files are grouped by album and When files are not grouped but have some metadata sections in particular to see if one of them applies to your situation.

If you still have to use “Scan”, then be sure to adjust the Preferred Releases settings in the Metadata Options to match your preferences. If you only want to match to albums, then set the “Album” slider all the way to the right and move the other sliders to the left. You may need to play with this a bit to get the exact type of selections that you want.

EDIT: If you don’t want Picard to overwrite specific existing tags, that should be configured in the Before Tagging section of the Tag Options.


Yes, I was using scan. Thanks for the info. This is what I was looking for.