Standalone recording or release?

I just submitted this as a standalone recording: Recording “Laureates' concert 1964” by Rachmaninov; Eugène Moguilevsky - MusicBrainz

But I’m wondering: am I right to see this as a standalone recording?
Or should I regard this as a release?
It can be found here as a streaming only recording (first one in the list):

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Tricky, but after thinking about it - it was/is released just there. I don’t think the RG is an album, probably Other.

I’m wondering if this problem has never come up before - I couldn’t find anything in the forum about it. I’ve added releases from music databases, but it was always taken from a specific physical release and I actually added the original shellac instead of the current download/stream.

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I think you are right.

If only looking at how I submitted it:

  • I used the classical style guide for a ‘release’ in a recording (the recording would be assigned to the performers, the release to → Composer; Main performer)
  • The title also is rather a release title, as the recording title should be “Concerto no. 3 in D minor, op. 30 (Allegro non tanto | Intermezzo | Alla breve)”
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