Stability of the similarity api

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We want to start working more seriously in the implementation of the similarity api in Funkwhale. I know you moved it to the main server so I supposed it stable but we would like to know for sure if we can start working on this o/

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Are you referring to the AcousticBrainz similarity?

The bad news: We’ve decided to terminate development on the AcousticBrainz project (an announcement is coming soon).

The good news: We’ve worked out a way to calculate recording similarities using the Listen data from ListenBrainz and it is already providing better data than the acoustics based indexes ever did. The very bleeding edge work that is being carried out right now, can be seen here: Dataset hoster: recording-similarity

If you have questions about this data, I would urge you to come to the #metabrainz IRC channel and chat with us. We’d love your feedback and we’d love to see this be used in FW!


Okey looking forwad to read the announcement then. Its very sad but I sure its for good reasons o/

Great news indeed ! :slight_smile: I will reach out later in IRC for now I only need to know if the dataset hoster is stable enough to organize a project around it for Gosc ? Maybe this can’t be answer easily so if I doesn’t Ilet me know I will reach out o/

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With the shutdown of AcousticBrainz we’ll absolutely make the current dataset available, including the acoustic similarity indexes. If you are interested specifically in acoustic similarity then there is also the possibility of hosting the similarity index yourself in order to be able to use it, though I don’t know if this ties in with your architecture/infrastructure. There are 12 different index files, each about 5gb in size.
If you are interested in the acoustic similarity route then let me know and I can show you how to set them up.

Regarding the dataset hoster, we actually have two, the one on the ListenBrainz site is considered more or less “stable”: whereas the one at is our playground for experiments, and could change at any time.
However, if you’re interested in using one of the endpoints for a gsoc project then jump into IRC and have a chat, maybe we’ll be able to accomodate.


At funkwhale we want to implement your recommendation solutions because we trust you do it great. So we will not run our own acousticbrainz index. But thanks a lot for the proposal ! :slight_smile:

Okey I will join right now to dicuss this :slight_smile:

@yuioen: I would love for you to come to our IRC chat room and discuss this further. I am very interesting in making this happen and I have laid out a road-map that leads to FW enabled recommendations and AB is not part of it. We could definitely use help in this, so it would be good to have a chat in IRC. (I’m user mayhem on IRC).

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The data-set hoster software is stable, yes. The labs.api version is more stable than the bono version – bono is very much bleeding edge. But if we decide that a dataset on bono is worth keeping, we can move to to labs or find other stable places.

Funkwhale projects for GSoC? Yes, please!

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