Spotify data fetching

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I have tons of music which are not in MB’s database, but I can see them in Spotify. Is there a sharable copy and paste plugin which could fetch info from Spotify?


Check out the following but I have not used it myself.


hi - tried it, but did not get how it works. Please share the basic steps?

I have copied the py code into the plugin folder but MB does not see it…


This is not a plugin supposed to be used with Picard. It’s a script supposed to be run from the command line to submit the data to MusicBrainz itself.


basic steps should be something like:

git clone
cd spotify2musicbrainz
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 URL


There’s also a topic for the script on these forums:

– feel free to ask questions there too. :wink: (Note that the script currently doesn’t work, as it doesn’t authenticate. I will upload a new version with credentials tonight or this weekend.)


great, waiting for it!!!


hey, waiting :wink: and probably not only me…:slight_smile:


@ertert, I think the discussion, including script availability has been moved to the link that @Freso posted above.


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