Spotify blocks Picard from FLAC editing

So I working on some adding some external links to a release so I had Spotify open in the background. Then I went to edit some metadata and found Picard would failed. I made a copy of the file and tried to delete the original, which gave me an error saying the file was open in Spotify. Uh what!? Sure enough closing Spotify lets me to edit the files like normal. It seams to only happen with Flac files, WAV and mp3 seam unaffected.

Anyone know why this is happening?

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On Windows in general a file can be opened for writing by one application, blocking other applications to write to the same file.

I don’t know exactly what Spotify is doing with local files, I did not even know you can open local files in Spotify. But if Spotify opens the files with exclusive access other applications will not be able to write to them.