Spliting and moving topics

According to topics I see here, it seems that it’s incredibly flexible how topics can be manipulated (split, move, merge).

I used to tell in IRC when I saw Picard topics created in wrong channels for administrators to move.
Now here I’ve been using the flag feature (off‐topic).
It is great be cause it seems to be understood well, but still, as we cannot write a comment when flagging, so I’m little scared that flagging means too much.

When I flag as off‐topic, I just want to suggest a move into existing topic or category or a split…

Is it OK? Is it what should be done?


Yes, I think that’s fine; in most cases it should be clear why something doesn’t fit. If not, we can ignore the flag and/or ask you on IRC about it. :wink:

Higher user levels bring with them more moderation powers, too. Regulars (level 2) can move topics and change their title; leaders (level 3) can split or merge topics or close them (in both cases, among other privileges).


I have a flag remaining but it seems I cannot un‐flag posts when I change my mind.
I hope it does not clutter an administration panel, somewhere. :blush:

I just saw that on meta.discourse.org f you flag a post you can select “Something else” as the reason, and that allows you to enter a comment. Is this something we could just enable here? I can see that this could sometimes be useful, as it avoids misunderstandings.

I can try and look for it, but I didn’t see anything like this yet when I’ve been roaming the settings.

Edit: I looked again, and didn’t find anything. I don’t think it’s enough of an issue that I’ll spend a lot of time looking for this. As has been said, most of the time it’s obvious why a flag was set, and if not, we can usually reach out to whoever set the flag and ask about their motivations for it.

I think it’s already ok as it is if it is well accepted. It is simple enough this way.