Split Medium into multiple

Added a new digital release which was split up into multiple “discs”. On the parser I entered it in a way that I thought would parse it out but did not. I didn’t really realize my mistake until after I have saved it. thought I could go back into it, add the relevant number of “mediums” and then just slide the tracks down. It does not appear I can do that. Any easy way to fix this?

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Just click on track parser on existing medium and highlight the tracks you want to remove and cut. Close track parser. Click on add medium, then paste what you cut into new track parser that pops up. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to get votes for the change, but it’s the easiest way to do it.

Update: Don’t forget to reselect recordings on recordings page.


Actually, never do it this way - you will lose the recordings.

The easiest way to do it non-destructively is to do Add Medium > Existing Medium, choose yourself from the search results, then delete the extra tracks from all mediums until they are correct.


Well, if there is an existing medium, true, but I was assuming it was a release that didn’t already exist. Of course, you still have to go and select recordings again.

Thanks @yindesu, that did the trick. A little painful with all the tracks, but it worked. Thanks also to @tigerman325 for the quick response and alternative method.

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