Special handling of cover art (small cover in media folder + full images in subfolder)

Hi all,
I would like to download all images from CAA in full resolution. However, I would like to put all of them in a subfolder (e.g. CAA/…). I’m not sure how to do this for all images.

Additionally, I would like to download only a front cover in a smaller resolution into to folder containing the media files (that it will be displayed in the media player).

Is this already possible with Picard?

Otherwise, I will create me a smaller image with an external script.

you can download small and large images in Picard but you can not do it at the same time as far as im aware. i think you have to save it then choose a different size in options and then relook up the album/song it will then download the cover art in that size (if you imbed the image it may over write the one that is there). as for putting cover art in in to a subfolder you may need a script to do that. there is an option to save them as a separate file but i think it puts it in the albums folder. you can always save an album and see how it works


  • Save cover images as separate files: In the file name mask you can use any variable or function from Picard Tags and Picard Scripting. The mask should not contain a file extension; this is added automatically based on the actual image type. The default value is cover . If you change this to folder , Windows will use it to preview the containing folder.
    In addition to scripting variables already available for a track you can use the following cover art specific variables:
    • coverart_maintype : The primary type (e.g. front, medium, booklet etc.). For front images this will always be “front”.
    • coverart_types : Full list of all types assigned to this image.
    • coverart_comment : The cover art comment.

For example:


AFAIK it’s currently not possible to download multiple resolutions simultaneously.

I think this would be a useful feature:

  • Full resolution for local archiving
  • Small resolution for media players to reduce overhead

Found a related ticket:


Thanks. I already tried to use the file name masks functionality. But only the front cover appears in that folder. All other images always stay in the media folder. It might be a bug (@outsidecontext ?).

I just found in the code (picard/coverart/image.py) that the file masks only applies for the front cover. The feature documentation gives the impression that it works for all images. But it does not.
Therefore, it would be a feature request.

Uncheck “Save only one front image as separate files” in Options > Cover Art > Cover Art Archive and it will work


That was already unchecked. But I just found out that I needed also to uncheck: “Use the first image type as the filename. This will not change the filename of front images.”

Now it works as expected. :slight_smile: