Spanish artist names (y su or y Su)

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Guideline is not really clear about how to handle “Su” or equivalent

I m saying cases in capital or some in not:

Should it be handled like:

  1. French/Hungarian: y su orchestra / y sus Cachimbos (part describing the type also in lower cases)
  2. English: y Su Orchestra / y Sus Cachimbos
  3. Other: y su Orchestra / y sus Cachimbos
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Similar question for english where “The” is sometimes with capital and sometimes not.

ex: Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens

If The is part of the band name, I would say it can be The instead of the.
I have seen both cases, don’t have the examples in mind now.

But here su seems like her or his.
I feel that her/his should be lower case but I don’t know English style by heart.

Guideline is not really clear about how to handle “Su” or equivalent.

I agree that the Spanish guidelines are not very clear about this. If we go by the English equivalents (his/hers/theirs), those words are capitalized (i.e. not required to be lowercase) in the English guidelines. Because of that, I have been leaving “Su” in uppercase and making it uppercase whenever I see inconsistencies, however having this be more explicit would be nice.

For English, you would capitalize His/Her/Their in the artist name. Spanish has different capitalization rules, though.