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I think the phrase you were looking for is “Thanks for taking the time to collect that information and letting us know about it, but”.

On the other hand, the fact that nothing has been done about them suggests that I was wasting my time finding them and I would be wasting my time trying to find any more.

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All the ones you actually reported (via the “Report this user for bad behavior” link) are gone, AFAIK.


Yeah, but none of the ones i reported via this board are.

It’s making me think that “teaching me a lesson” by ignoring my report is more important than actually dealing with spam.

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I’d expect it has more to do with reports outside the established channels not going to the correct people / systems. I think the MB admins deserve a presumption of good faith.


Hi! I’ve reported the users you posted earlier so action will be taken, since you made enough effort by bringing them up once after all and it feels unfair to ask you to re-report them :slight_smile:

That said, there are reasons not to report them here, and why we ask people to always use the reporting tool:

One is that Google does index our discourse forums, meaning that linking to the spammers here actually indirectly helps them be findable.

Another is that every report (and every individual answer to the report) reaches all the MB admins, and helps leave a permanent paper trail in case we want to investigate further connections in the future.

And finally, although all your reported editors were clearly spam, sometimes we do get spam reports for editors who aren’t trying to spam as such, just are very new and confused about how MB works. We don’t want to encourage public reports because, if we allowed this as convention, we could end up with people being publicly shamed for making a mess instead of being able to privately point them in the right direction. Which I know you wouldn’t do, but it’s a tricky path to follow.

Sorry if you felt your effort wasn’t appreciated (it is!) and hope you understand our reaction a bit better now too! :slight_smile: