South Park songs from episodes

I have a bunch of South Park “songs” in my library from the episodes. Things like Chef or Cartman singing a song in the episode. I had always organized them in my library with “South Park” as the artist. I found some, but not most of them in MB under “Trey Parker” (e.g. Trey Parker - Recordings - MusicBrainz). Trey Parker is actually doing the voice on many, but not all of these (e.g. Isaac Hayes performs as Chef).

I am also aware of having fictional characters listed as artists in MB, and that is used for some of the official releases (e.g. Eric Cartman - Recordings - MusicBrainz).

I am thinking the the correct way to add these would be as “non-album tracks” for the fictional character(s) that are singing. Am I on the right track?


Seems like it, based off the precedent. Check out all of Trey Parker’s ‘voice of’ credits.

Isaac Hayes is correctly linked to Chef as well.

Looks like I lazily attributed a couple of releases to ‘South Park’ loolll. Feel free to fix as needed…