Soundtrack release titles: Game of Thrones

Why is “Music From the HBO Series” placed in front of “Season #”? At least some of the digital releases order these phrases in the opposite order, which makes far more sense to me (e.g., see Star Wars)


Cover art was the argument:

And then the rest got changed to follow the same pattern.

My opinions on the validity of that rationale are pretty well known, I think.

@reosarevok , which guidelines in Style cover this case? Guidelines don’t link to each other, so I don’t know what overrides what, if it’s even specified anywhere.

I’d argue “Game of Thrones: Season 8” is the primary title, and “Music from the HBO Series” is “extra”, and therefore shouldn’t divide the primary title into multiple parts. (Same as what’s listed here.)

I’m a newbie here but this argument contradicts itself. It seems that at least the same amount of releases display the order: Game of Thrones: Music From the HBO Series + Season.
In fact it seems to be the majority of releases.
So, if your proposal isn’t based on the majority of the releases, it has to be more logical or obviously better than the existing choice.
If we consider “Music from the HBO series” as a subtitle and the season number as a series there is no logical reason to seperate the subtitle from the main title by placing the series number inbetween.
In short: Your suggestion is obviously correct but it’s not an obvious improvement.

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The soundtracks for seasons 3 - 8 were released on the Watertower label. Their website lists the titles as Game Of Thrones (Music from the HBO Series) Season x. I would take that as more definitive than a retailer’s site.