Soundtrack release artist credits

What release artist would you assign to this release? I’ve uploaded scans for it so now you can see how the box looked and what was in the booklet.

According to the wiki the [soundtrack] SPA (special purpose artist) is a child of [unknown] in the hierarchy of SPAs. But here, in this release, the artist isn’t unknown and pending investigation, the artist for the release is just not there.

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I don’t know much about this release, but I would say ‘Various Artists’ as well, at a glance.

I see you’ve put in the edit to do that.

Maybe @HibiscusKazeneko and @kepstin have feedback, they edited that release early on :slight_smile:

Various Artists seems fine to me.

It’s typical for soundtrack releases to put the composer of the instrumental songs as the release artist, but in this case there’s 5 different soundtrack composers and an entire disc of vocal songs…

I already have my Picard scripting set up to handle soundtrack releases with the ‘Various Artists’ release artist specially, so no objection from me.

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