'Soundtrack' in track title

Hello everyone,

I just received the ‘Featured Selections From the Fallout 3 Soundtrack’ CD from 2008. On the backside of the release there are 2 track titles of which i’m not certain how to tag them according to the MusicBrainz guidelines. It’s regarding tracks 4 and 5.

Do I tag them like:

04. Fallout 3 Soundtrack – Main Title
05. Fallout 3 Soundtrack – Megaton

Or do I leave the ‘Fallout 3 Soundtrack –’ out of the titles like:

04. Main Title
05. Megaton

On the release the ‘Fallout 3 Soundtrack –’ is between the quotation marks as well as the ‘Main Title / Megaton’ so I don’t know how to handle these type of title tracks. I have seen a few similar ones on some other releases as well.

Hope someone can give some clarity.


I personally would follow what’s on the back of the release, leaving the “Fallout 3 Soundtrack –” in the track title


It’s almost like whoever designed that cover was trying to troll MB editors. The first three tracks follow the style [double-quoted title] – [italicized artist], but then last two place the double-quotes around the entire line and italicize what seems like the actual track title (“Main Title” and “Megaton”).

I agree with @UltimateRiff and would just add those titles as written (modulo the English capitalization rules), but I’d probably also give the graphic designer a piece of my mind if I ever met them.

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BTW, this release is already in MusicBrainz :+1:

Yeah, I know. But it was more a question for tagging my personal music library, which I use the MusicBrainz guidelines for. I also see that there are some mistakes in the MusicBrainz listing.

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Great, feel free to open edits to the release if there’s mistakes!

Paging @CyberSkull and @Xythium who have done some previous work on this release as well

Just edited it. Thanks for all the feedback by the way, much appreciated as always!

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those first 3 tracks are licensed music, and the last 2 are from the score. i have no idea why the last 2 tracks are formatted differently and weirdly. the actual tiles are “Main Theme” and “Megaton” by Inon Zur (Fallout 3: Original Game Soundtrack - Album by Inon Zur | Spotify)