Sorting Multiple Artists/Album Artists

I remember getting the correct script for this a year or so ago, but then the script deleted itself somehow and now I need fix it:

I am trying to make it so that, when I am saving files that I have scanned, that, if there are multiple artists, like a main artist and a Featured Artist, they are separated by a semicolon.

As an example, I just got the album The Martyr by Immortal Technique, and I want to set it so that the following artist value:

Immortal Technique feat. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez

will be renamed as following:

Immortal Technique; Diabolic; Swave Sevah; Gomez

And I would also like the semicolon to not be there when there is only one artist, so I don’t want:

Immortal Technique

to be:

Immortal Technique;

I used to be able to get Music Brainz to do this because someone else wrote the script out and I copy pasted it into MusicBrainz, but through an update or something, the script was deleted.

If someone who understands this stuff could write out the necessary script, for both the artist and album artist values, that would be awesome, because I am not able to get my head around the programming logic myself.

I will also save the script to a note this time, in case it gets lost again.

You might find the scripts on this page helpful, though some of them are customised for MusicBee:

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This scripting on that page didn’t really help.

Seems like this should do it (I just removed the MusicBee parts):


I tried that code but that just deletes the featured artists, so:

Immortal Technique feat. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez


Immortal Technique

I want it to say:

Immortal Technique; Diabolic; Swave Sevah; Gomez

This will automatically sort the song to be found in any of those 4 Artists on my music player, which is what I am looking for. Not to get rid of those artists.

Huh. The artists tag should contain all of them, so not sure why it wouldn’t work.

Try making it $if($in(%artists%,;),$copy(artist,%artists%),)

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It works now, thank you very much. Totally saving the script too.

What OS and what version of MusicBee are you using? I went back to my own script and made the same change, and it breaks it - the artist tag is totally blank. There’s some difference between your system and mine that’s causing it to work differently. I’m using 2.0.1 on Windows 10.