Sort Name Ignored In Collections

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I have a couple of collections, and when I add say releases and then sort them A-Z / Z-A by artist, all works well except any band that starts with The for example will all be listed under T, instead of their sort letter?

I’ve put a screenshot to make it clearer… is this something I need to do in the collection settings or is this a bug?



:rofl: That ticket is from 2011… any App that uses MB data can find the Sort Order for Artists but MB’s own website still can’t.


FWIW, this is just not doable right now without a schema change, see this comment on github. It’s not being ignored, I even wrote code for it - but it’s just way too slow as it is.

Basically: it would be trivial if each release only had one artist, but it’s not trivial for actual artist credits (that’s why we now sort artist collections by sort name).


Oh yes, it has to take the sort name only of the first artist in the list of artist credits (AC).
I remember now.
It’s not a super urgent issue, IMO, relatively to other tickets.

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