Songs not identified by Scan method, but i can find similar tracks

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Quite new to Picard, and i see a thing i cannot find my way around it. From a folder of 250 songs almost 10% would come out unclustered. I use the Scan method to discover the tags. Sometimes hitting the Scan again would identify 1 maximum 2 tracks and i do this over and over.

Now i remained with 25 tracks which cannot be identified apparently. BUT, if i right click them and use option Search for similar tracks, in the list i can see the perfect match.

If i click Open in Browser, it’s even better. The first result is the one i am looking for.

Scan is a bit of a trap - it ‘listens’ to the audio and matches it to see if any fingerprints have been submitted that match, ignoring existing tags.

If you have good tags then ‘lookup’ should match it if it’s in the database. The standard workflow is usually ‘cluster’ > 'lookup, and then ‘scan’ if a song can’t be found.

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Rather ‘cluster’ > ‘lookup’, and then ‘scan’ if a song can’t be found.

Scan does not benefit from clustering currently, it handles each file individually. Whether the files are clustered or not make no difference.

A lookup of a cluster however searches for releases matching the metadata if the cluster. So this is the first thing to try when tagging whole albums.


That specific example has no acoustic fingerprint and hence can’t be identified by to the audio. See also Recording “I Know Better” by Maximillian - Fingerprints - MusicBrainz

Lookup might work, or as you used it “search for similar tracks”. You can then load the found recording into Picard and tag your files.

You can then also submit the acoustic fingerprint of that file and help improve the database . That way in the future scan will be able to identify the audio.

See also the documentation:


Thanks, that was a typo/brain jumble on my part, I fixed my post

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