Song title starting with 's

Hi all

Got a question about style. I know the first word en and the last word should be Capitalized.

Now Im wondering with the titel 's Wonderful…

Should it be 'S Wonderful (how horrible) or 's Wonderful

I’m confused 'cause 's is not really a word is it?

first off, I just want to double check, you talking MusicBrainz style? I believe MusicBrainz and BookBrainz title styles are very similar, if not identical, I’m mostly asking so this thread can be correctly categorized~

that said, capitalizing the ‘S’ just feels wrong to me too. since there’s an apostrophe, that could mean the word the ‘S’ belongs to has been ‘cut off’ (I forget the correct term), meaning it represents ‘is’ or ‘has’ or some other option I can’t think of at the moment.

that would be my rationalization if I were to add this track/release/whatever.

I will also double check, you’re sure the title isn’t supposed to be [Artist]’s Wonderful?

@UltimateRiff thank you for your reply. Yes I’m talking about MusicBrainz. English Style

See this link, then you know what I mean:

I think it’s the famous [It i]s wonderful song, that skips like a broken record. :wink:

Style/Language/English is not necessarily easy to understand for non-English, but, if I follow the auto-guess case, which can be wrong sometimes:

  • It takes a capital letter
  • Is takes one too
  • First word of a phrase does as well

I guess, all in all, it should be 'S Wonderful.

BUT the s in It’s is lower case, indeed, so… Good question, still. :slight_smile:

To me, lowercase 's Wonderful looks a little bit more odd, as a title, than the other.


@ jesus2099 Thank you for your answer. I will change it. Still looks horrible. :face_vomiting:

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It’s the first letter of a title, so it should be capitalized. It actually should always be capitalized. Most capitalization guidelines I’ve found online say when apostrophes are present you always capitalize the first letter of any word that would be ordinarily capitalized. So, 'til, should always be 'Til; 's, always 'S, 'cause, always 'Cause, etc. But first & last letters of titles are always capitalized regardless of apostrophes. even 'n, etc. which ordinarily wouldn’t be capitalized. It looks odd sometimes, but it’s the correct way.


Thank you. I will change it tomorrow. Dinner time now. Have a nice day / evening all