Song title renaming

Hi all,

I’m trying to remove apostrophes in song titles, ex: That’s Fine to Thats Fine.

After some Googling I’ve found the scripting interface and have been trying $replace(%title%,’,). No such luck. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here. Any guidance appreciated.


Functions like replace return the changed value, but do not manipulate the variables directly.

You need to use set like this:


Thanks for your response.

I’m sure I’m still doing something wrong. I copy/pasted this into the File naming script editor and still no luck. The only other line in the editor is the following:

%genre%/%artist% - %title%

Any ideas? Thanks.

So you want to have it changed only in the filename, or also in the tags?

If you want to change it in the tags than you need to add the script in Options > Script.

And one possibility that it does not work might be that the actual title uses a different character. The script uses the basic ASCII character, but on MusicBrainz in often the proper Unicode characters are being used for punctuation.


Thanks, the Unicode character was the snag.

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